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    Any update on what was said at the meeting?

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    rural route Whitestown



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    Bottom line, your rates must go up in order to comply with state mandates that a utility may not operate at a loss.

    The council made it quite clear that state law will not allow a utility to operate at a loss. The only way to avoid this situation is to increase the current rates. Upgarades are also needed as a result of additional burdens being placed on the system as a result of growth.

    Are the rates increasing? Yes
    Are rates increasing in other towns and cities? You betcha
    Does it suck to have an increase during tought times? absolutely!

    If Whitestown were to sell the utility (as suggested) would prices decrease? Not likely and they may even increase more if an outside agency were running the show. You would also not have a voice in the matter as you now do with the council. Do you really think IWC cares what a bunch of people in Whitestown have to say?

    This is a tough pill to swallow but the Utility Service Board members have really spent a LOT of time on this issue and truely are being as responsible as possible given the circumstances and the mess they inherited.

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