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    Default Mr. and Mrs. Piggy are Retiring : )

    I was asked to post and clarify the exciting news from Parky's. After 80 combined years in the foodservice business, Gary and I have decided to retire. Effective January 8, we sold Parky's Smokehouse to a lovely family. Their names are Mike and Melanie Baran and they have four children. They are an incredibly awesome couple and will continue to operate Parky's as it has been for the past 12 years. We are confident they will take Parky's to the next level with newfound energy, ideas and enthusiasm! The restaurant name, seasoned staff and yummy menu will remain the same. And yes, everyone's gift cards will still be good forever. The only difference is a new "mom and pop" to lead our wonderful staff. Gary and I are proud and very excited that the Baran family will be continuing the Parky's tradition. We will remain at the restaurant during the first couple months of transition. After that we will be there for Mike and Melanie whenever they need is.

    Gary and I are grateful for the support of all our staff and loyal customers over the years. It has been a wonderful experience. We hope you'll join us in welcoming the Baran family and continue to support Parky's Smokehouse for years to come!

    Julie Parks
    Parky's Smokehouse

    Mom always said the best food is the kind someone else makes for you.

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    Default Re: Mr. and Mrs. Piggy are Retiring : )

    I loved going to your establishment, even after I moved back to IL> I wish you and Gary the best of everything, ewe deserve-no-EARNED it. You've done nothing but good for the Lebanon community.
    Seawolf--John Cook
    Fly Navy

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