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    Default End Korea nonsense

    This confrontation could be ended without devastation. Put the two fatties in sumo diapers and let them wrestle it out. Sell the TV rights to On Demand and use it to make a documentary on insane world leaders.
    Talk less, say more.

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    Default Re: End Korea nonsense

    Shhhh. You're gonna wake up the old user accounts. It's been so quiet around here without opposing viewpoints.

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    I would support President Trump but I'm not sure which side he'd be on.. The American side of the North Korean side. It's apparent he's on the side of the Nazi's so there's really no telling.

    I'm sorry if I offended any snowflakes that like to idolize the Confederacy or Nazism. I understand you're worried about your war participation trophies (IE Monuments to the losing side) and really need to invoke your AMERICAN rights to speak about your NON-AMERICAN ideas.

    PS.. America curb stomped both the Confederacy and the Nazis.. So you idolize the losing side all your want.. snowflake. AMERICA! HELL YEAH..

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