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    Angry lebanon's drug problem.

    It's like, really bad don't you think? Why are so many people OD'ing in this town?
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    Default Re: lebanon's drug problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by AbstractSkylines View Post
    It's like, really bad don't you think? Why are so many people OD'ing in this town?
    Because they are smoking and or shooting up Draino, and Anhydrous Ammonia. The human body is not and never has been made to tolerate chemicals like this. Then you ad peer pressure from one idiot (or idiots) to someone trying to be rebellious against a family member or friend or for what ever reason they end up dead. Some that do it may not have had a "Fix" in a few day's and think they can do more than they should to make up for lost time, and they end up dead. They took way more than they should have just to get that "RUSH" that they crave, and that crave gets you from the very first time you take it, until you die, or go to jail. And if you go to jail for it, then it's just wet, wash, rinse, repeat.

    If you (not you personally abstract) do intend to venture down this road for a peek at whats in store, be prepared to lose
    your job
    your kids
    your wife/husband
    your house
    your bank account (Checking and savings)
    your family
    your freedom
    your car/truck
    your mind
    your self worth
    your mentality
    your reputation
    your brains
    your good complexion
    your teeth
    Want me to add more??

    Support your local Sheriff, turn them in, family or not before it's too late. Bail money is cheaper than Burial money.

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