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    Default Horse Stall Doors & Windows

    Good Solid Horse Stall doors taken down when renovations where done. Great hard wood 7'x4' with aluminum bars and window casings.
    These are hung roll doors in which you can screw up the metal rail that it rolls on, which means these can also go inside a house to for a rustic farm feeling if desired.

    We currently have 33 doors and 25 of the hanger rails for the doors. I do have 2 sets of about 10 that are consecutive numbered on the front of them. Located right in the middle of Boone County and willing to send more pictures and info on the doors if needed. a great deal and plenty of them.

    Price is at around $175 a door including hanger bar, if you would like ones without the bar we can talk about price without it. Also the price is not firm on $175 so feel free to contact me and even a deal if you take all of them.

    I also have the windows for sale that are the same material that is in the doors but are separate as we took the walls down asking around $50 for them as they are ready to be installed just need 4 nails when you put them in.

    Would love to see these sold real soon! Thanks
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