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    I own and run a parenting page on Facebook


    On Sunday, March 2, we launched our Pen Pal Program. By this morning we had nearly 50 participants signed up!

    We were just contacted by an English teacher in Mexico who entered her 46 students!

    Despite our large number of participants, we are lacking kids ages 9-13. If you have a child or know someone with a child who would be interested in having a pen pal, please come to my page and sign up.

    Currently our participants range in age from 1-12 and are located between the United States, Mexico, and Australia.
    The more the merrier.
    This was a pastime for so many of us and despite technology, we want the same for our kids.

    All information is kept confidential and shared only with the parent of your child's pal. You also have the option of "friending" the parent so as to be more comfortable with sharing your information.

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    Sounds like a neat group! Are there very many members locally? It might be fun to have some get togethers.

    I'll ask my kiddo about the pen pal idea...I enjoyed that sort of thing when I was a youngster.
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    Loved the pen pal program we had in school!!

    My penpal was in Africa and she still is!! 30 years later we became facebook friends!!! It's so cool!!!!
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    You might check out They even offer free secure email addresses to use. It is for schools/homeschooled groups to do just as you are trying.

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    Open Minded Parents is originally a Facebook group for parents of all walks of life to get and share advice. We have nearly 5k members and just recently started the pen pal group.

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