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    Default Obama is acting like a spoiled brat child!!!

    If any of my children ever acted like Obama is carrying on they would have been spanked!!! He truly deserves something being done. I would suggest imediate
    IMPEACHMENT!!! I'd like to see him carried out of Washington on a rail wrapped
    with barbed wire!!
    He will not have any thing but his way.He has essentially shut down many of the
    things that Americans enjoyed doing such as visiting our national parks. He even tried to shut down our national memorial for World War II veterans. But the veterans just went through the barriers that had been set up to keep them out. BRAVO to them!!
    His popularity is now in free fall and I think it will get worse. He is a born LIAR. I saw an article that says he has told us 500 lies since taking office.
    His latest lie was that America had never defaulted. Our founding fathers defaulted
    three times. After our CIVIL War America defaulted two rimes. These were before any income and many other taxes were in effect!!

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    Gosh, Doc.....I was worried about you!
    Glad that you're back in the saddle again.

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    Yep! And Doc is still right on top of what's REALLY happening in DC.

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