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    Default What is going on with our Government????

    It has come out that the Russians informed our CIA, FBI, and the DHS about the Boston
    bombers being in Russia and warning them about the brothers. But none of our agencies informed the others. Have they not heard about telephones or faxes. Maybe they just don't like nor respect each other. Why were the brothers not under very close observation by at least one of them. Over 30 lives and many more injuries could have been prevented.
    Its high time our government start protecting us instead of spying on us with drones and capturing and recording our electronic messages, and soon with the "black box" that will be in all cars made in 2014 & maybe thereafter!! If you still feel safe in America you are
    very brave or have not been paying attention to what is going on in America.
    The older brother's name was on a government "watch list" but the head of DHS said the
    list is very large and nobody "blew the whistle"!!!!
    Our government has Many employees. These people have jobs that pay very well. But I,m thinking the only "work" they do is pick up their paycheck!!!!
    Did you know the brothers were both on welfare????

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    Good question about our government officials, Doc. Unanswerable, but good.
    Yes, Russia warned the FBI first, in 2011. Then six months later they warned the CIA. Homeland Security did hear from ONE of those two agencies, but the director, Janet what's-his-name, said there was a misspelling in older brother's name (....the one who was actually back in Russia to visit their parents.)
    Every report just brings up new questions for me. If the parents were both still in Russia, why were the two sons HERE? Although apparently the parents had been here.....or at least the mother was.....because she may be jailed if she steps foot on American soil (which they plan to do right take chicken soup to younger son and claim older son's body, since no one else will) because there is a warrant out for her arrest, stating she stole several thousands of dollars worth of clothing from Lord & Taylor........sometime. But don't someone in our government has been sent to Russia (no, not John Kerry......would have been too logical) to try to "put all the pieces together" in Big Bro's Islamic ties. Just a crying shame that SOMEBODY over here couldn't have done that two years ago!

    The news report I heard said the two "boys" had been on welfare for quite a while, but were not NOW, at the time of the bombings (so maybe Uncle Sam was being paid back for cutting off their hand-outs.......although I'd be willing to bet they both used their Obama-phones when setting off the bombs.)

    And according to Mama being interviewed, the older (dead) son had been controlled by our own FBI for at least three WE have inflicted some injury to younger alive son's throat JUST so he couldn't tell them who "set up" both of her kids for this tragedy.

    Unfortunately our government also now says there will be "three weeks delay in DEFENDING alive bro because of the Sequester cuts." Honest to God, that statement was made. Obama will blame anything and everything on the Sequester, even when nobody I know cares at all if he EVER gets defended. Sounds to me like his Mom has quite a defense already built up in her own mind for both of her kids, so we will probably learn from her personal jail cell that the old rascal, J. Edgar Hoover, was behind all the false charges being made.

    "What's going on with our government?????"
    Be sure to give me a call if you ever figure it out.

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    Liberal mentality and the liberal agenda is what is wrong with our government. I see the sequester hasn't stopped the Obama's from traveling. The sequester hasn't cut entitlement spending. But cuts have been made to our military, FAA, etc...

    In a time of terrorist attacks on our soil, what's more important? National security or the Obama daughter's taking spring break or Obama's lavish White House parties?? They really should be ashamed of themselves, and the American people should hold them accountable. They work for us - not the other way around, but are using our tax dollars to fund their lavish lifestyle.
    "The trouble with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money." -- Margaret Thatcher

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