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    Default A Premature assumption

    George Stephanopoulos is saying Obama won the debate. In reality who the winner is depends on whether the moderator is biased or not. Since it will be a liberal media guy I look for Romney to get hard questions and Obama easy questions. here are some questions I would ask Obama.
    Why have you missed 60% of your morning briefings??
    Why was the public told a bunch of lies about the recent
    slaughter of our Ambassador to Libya?
    Why do all of your decisions where Muslims are involved
    always benefit the Muslims?
    Why have you spent Millions to seal your records?
    Why did you present a birth certificate that was easily
    proven fraudelent?
    Were you as a young drug user living in NYC really a male
    prostitute as stated by an IRS investigator???

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    Well, those are ALL good questions....but ones we shall never hear.
    I imagine, judging by the moderators chosen for these important debates, the questions asked of Barack Hussein will be more along the lines of
    Boxers or Briefs?
    What brand of cigarettes do you still smoke?
    Does any modern day sex symbol compare with Marilyn Monroe?
    Do you need MORE than four additional years to achieve dictator status?

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