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Indiana Fishing Reports August 07, 2012.

Indiana Statewide fishing reports

Indiana Fishing Reports

In general: Fishing has slowly been picking back up ! On most lakes fish have moved into deep water and are suspending. Several lakes are really getting low, and this is affecting fishing. Cat fishing and carp fishing activity remains steady on most lakes. Indiana river fishing has picked up with smallmouth and flathead fishing. Both lakes and rivers are low with water levels still dropping.

Norway and Oakdale Dam Reports:

Indiana Farm Ponds and Pits fishing report

Fishing has picked up. Night bite fishing is fair. Bluegill are being caught in deep water.
Bass fishing has been fair using plastic baits fished in and around deep downed structure and outside weed lines.
Crappie have moved deep. Bobber and minnow 10 to 25 feet deep around downed trees and wood structure.
There has been a fair bite for catfish at night. Nightcrawlers, live baits, shrimp, and cut bait seem to be baits of choice.*

Indiana Pay Lake Reports

Clear View pay lakes
*reports a good bite for blues. Some big flatheads hitting to ! Don't forget about the Saturday night tournaments.

Kimberly Lakes
*is reporting a good carp bite. Some big carp being taken.

Catfish Charlie's pay lake
*has a good bite for channel cats. A few flatheads and blues also being netted.

Hubbards pay lakes
*Near Mooresville has a good bite for flatheads, blues, and some nice channel cats. Everyone say's to fish lake # 3. Fishing has picked up since we finally got some rain.*

Elkhorn Lakes Pay Lakes
*reports a good bite for carp.

End of pay lakes


Atterbury Fish & Wildlife Area
Crappies have moved to deep water and are being caught using minnows and small jigs. Largemouth bass are biting on plastic's. Channel catfish are being caught at night and early mornings, using night crawlers fished on the bottom. Bluegills biting on nightcrawlers and redworms, suspended under a float in deep water.

Driftwood State Fishing Area
Water is super clear. A fair night bite for bass. Crappie are being caught by anglers trolling the outside deep weed lines. No reports of any musky (muskies). Some small bass being taken at night on top water baits and plastic's. Best bite is about 45 minutes before it gets light in the early morning hours. The good bite only last about 15 to 30 minutes before the fish move back down into deep water. Anglers who get there after 7:00 am may catch a few fish, but by that time of morning the bite is beginning to shut down. Daytime fishing here is just about a waste of time.
*Note: With the high water temperatures muskie fishing is not recommended. Any muskie caught in this hot water will die of stress.

Patoka Lake Fishing Report
The beach at Patoka Reservoir is currently closed due to hazardous swimming conditions because of the low water. Fishing has slowed and fish are deep. Fish are relating to downed structure and sunken brush piles. Most crappie are small, and being caught in about 20 feet deep water. Anglers are catching crappie, bass, and bluegill. Painters Creek remains one of the better spots.*A good bite for channel catfish.

Boones Pond Fishing Report
All fishing is reported as poor. A few dink bluegill and bass, just not much going on here. A few small channel cats at night. Were else in Boone County do you fish ??

Tucker Lake in Orange County

Bass fishing is fair. Pretty weedy.
We did not use any live bait. I fished small crank plugs. He used a weedless tube setup. He missed several, but got two bass to the boat, biggest about 14". I gave him a crawdad plug and he caught a nice crappie for the cooler. I put five blue gill in the cooler and two bass in the boat. We released all the bass, one of my bass had a very odd color. The fish shut down about 11a

Bear Wallow Fishing Report

All fishing is poor.

Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area

All fishing is slow. A few dink bluegill being caught. Just right for flathead bait.

Prairie Creek Reservoir
Reporting a good bite for channel catfish. Crappie fishing is slow, but a few good ones are being caught. Bluegill fishing is fair. Bluegill are 10 to 15 feet deep water.

Monroe Reservoir Fishing Report

A fair bite for catfish. Shrimp and Night Crawlers are working good on these cats. Catfish are hitting during the night. Sunfish is a good bet for Flatheads. Bluegill: Bait: small jigs/crickets. Depth: 15 to 25 feet. Some nice size stripers being caught trolling in 15 to 25 feet deep water. Catfish cove has been a good place for flatheads once you get past all the co-eds in bikini's.*All other fishing is slow. Fish are deep. Bass fishing has been hit and miss. Fish deep outside weedlines around structure for bass.

White river fishing report

*Waters down so low you can walk along the banks for several miles staying below the high water line. Treasure hunters are finding a few artifacts and arrowheads. Gold panner's are exploring ground they have never been able to get to before. Some big flatheads coming out of deep holes. They are stacked up in the deeper holes. The smallmouth bass bite has picked back up.

Cataract Lake or Cagles Mill Lake
All fishing is reported as poor. Fish are deep. A few channel catfish being taken at night.

Lemon Lake in Brown County

This is a sleeper lake and has been a hotspot for many years. Don't over-look this lake as it is mostly known for it's good bass and cat fishing. Warning: Launch ramp fees are expensive on this lake. Reports coming in say a good bite for catfish. Some really nice channel cats and big flatheads being caught. A good bite for carp at Riddle Point Park. There are lots of good bank fishing spots in Riddle Point Park.
Crappie and bass fishing has been slow. Both fish are located in deep water near drop-offs, channel bends, and deep outside weedlines. Jigs with plastic trailers have been working for bass. Slip Bobber's and minnows working for crappie.**

Brookville Reservoir Fishing *Report

Reports say bluegill and channel catfish are hitting. A few small walleye being caught. Striped bass are being taken by anglers who are trolling. Lots of small channel cats and bluegill being caught. Catfishing is best at night.

Winona Lake Fishing Report

A few good walleye being taken in 15 to 25 feet deep water. A few bluegill and crappie being taken. Catfish have been biting.

Ohio River fishing report
A few striped bass, some big channel cats. Flathead fishing has picked up with some big fish being caught. Several large ones have been caught. River is low, fish are in deep pockets. You must find and fish the deeper holes to be successful.
White Bass: Bait: jig, Depth: 10ft or more. Blue catfish and Channel Catfish are being caught on cut bait.
Check out for up to the minute river levels, as they can vary daily.
Ohio River Fishing Report
August 1, 2012
Belleville Tailwater Area –Some large flathead catfish, up to 30 pounds, can be caught using live and cut skipjack for bait. Try fishing the area close to the hydro-electric plant. There has been some limited success catching hybrid striped bass here and at most tailwaters, however the bite is over by mid-morning. Spoons, artificial shad, and crankbaits seem to yield the best results. Bait fish, such as shad and skipjack, continue to be plentiful.

Clermont County - Anglers are catching channel catfish on cut baits and chicken liver also night crawlers fished on the bottom. Night fishing seems to be most successful at the moment.
We need more reports from the Ohio River and Wabash River.

Knopp Lake
Went to Knopp Lake caught some really big bull bluegill. Didn't catch many around 7 or so but the ones I did catch averaged 9 inches+. They gave a huge fight. Caught one small largemouth before I left. Was there about two hours.

Fishing Reports from G & G Spinnerbaits*

Deer Creek Fishing Report

Some chuncky largemouth being caught on G & G Spinnerbaits

WILDCAT CREEK: Smallmouth being caught and some whitebass,channel cats,drum, and rock bass

Deer Creek: lots of largemouth being caught in places and some crappie.

Wabash River: channel cats and some drum and whitebass

Eel river: No reports

Fishing Report Hot-Lines for Lake Michigan and the St Joseph River.

Lake Michigan: (219) 874-0009 (not a toll-free call) ** St. Joseph River: (574) 257-8477 (not a toll-free call).

Good Fishing Everyone. Have a fun weekend and safe holiday weekend, and please wear those life jackets.



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