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    Default Painted windows.

    I paint on old windows most all are very durable and can be hung out side in all weather for years no fading or chipping. You can scratch it off but it will not come off any other way... call me. If you want to see some visit Thorntown Art gallery or K&R BBQ.. Make sure to eat while there very good.

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    Awe man, I wish I'd seen this post over the weekend. Last year we got my mom (and MIL) painted windows for Mothers day. My mom's got knocked over and broken though. They were down visiting this weekend and she could've got a new one. I'll keep you in mind for the next time they visit.
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    I am right behind you.......


    This lady lives up the street from me. ANd I have seen her work. It is so good. Her neighbor has one that has been hanging outside for a long time, and they do not fade. More than anything, I amsurprised that the punks around there have not broken or stolen it!!
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    Yes nice post man. This is the way to expose to your idea.
    Very nice to have this post.Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi pamwagone,
    Thanks for the offer, if you will share some pictures of your work with others, you will get more business and attraction. Also do mention your contact no. so it will be eay for others to contact you.

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    I know Pam and her painting is wonderful and very very pretty!! Good luck Pam!!

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    I do agree with @Arnold, it will be better if there are pictures attached on your post to see how pretty your painted windows are and how durable it can be. Thanks

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