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    To the OP: Might I ask why it bothers you so much that officers get to take their cars home and get to drive them as personal vehicles?

    Quote Originally Posted by aliceionna_jean View Post
    i know they dont pay for the gas out of their own pocket so why is that ok?
    How do you know that they do not pay for the gas out of their own pocket? And even if they don't, who cares? From what I understand, taxpayers pay the salary of the police officer; therefore, in one way or another you are putting gas on the car. Whether it came out of their own pocket or from the state/county.

    God forbid you ever need the assistance of an off-duty police officer who happens to be driving by in his police carl.

    (By the way, I did not read the whole thread. I only read the original post...)

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    I think cops oughta get perks...I don't want the job! It can be life threatening at any moment.

    I would like to see less "average joes," get some warnings for bad behavior as opposed to getting nailed to the wall and more what I consider real criminals get what's coming, but I also know that those are not always the officers' choice, but yeah give them the benefit.
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    Keep in mind that many of these officers are with the Boone County SRT as well. They are on call 24/7 365 days a year. If they didn't have a take home car, the delay to get all of the gear they have could cost lives in a dire situation. This is just one of the MANY reasons for a take home car.

    Also, keep in mind with LPD, they only have county wide usage. It's not like they can drive to Chicago in their police car.
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    I'm in favor of take-home cars, for all of the reasons mentioned. That said, as another poster commented, I think it's critically important for officers to strictly obey all traffic laws when they are on public display in those cars. Like it or not, they are held to a higher standard, and must always be aware of that.
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    I've always been 50/50 on this and always will be.
    There are great reasons for it and with all good things, abuse.
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    I don't mind that they take their cars home at all. I do hope their personal use is limited and, I would imagine, some are better at limiting that than others. There are few law enforcement officers in our neighborhood. I like having their cars parked nearby.
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    I used to have issues with police taking patrol cars out for personal use but then I changed my mind on the subject. The police presence in these cars is an excellent deterrent and a great perk for officers who arguably can be considered under paid for the job they do. I have witnessed a number of officers who in street clothes will stop to help others, changing a tire, first to arrive at an accident scene etc... If the officers are considered to always be on duty when they witness a crime or accident then they should receive certain perks and benefits to compensate for that. I will say this though, the vehicle should never be used as a family car. The teenager does not get to take it out, the wife does not get to go shopping in it and it really should not leave the county.

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    For some of them, I understand that another perk is a take home credit card. LOL

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    I am surprised how to how many LPD officers that live out in the country 8 miles or more from Lebanon.
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    i just dont understand thats why i asked... i didnt really want to contend on this.. im a kid you should b happy that i atleast have some recognition of goes on around me...

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