View Full Version : Weight Watchers cheesecake

12-21-2007, 01:41 PM
I believe this is 1 point for 1/5 of the pie.

2 cups milk
2 packages of cream cheese (room temp.)
1 container of cool whip (room temp.)
2 packages of white chocolate pudding (powder)
1 pie crust

* To make this a light version buy skim milk, Fat Free or Light cream cheese and cool whip, and a 50/50 pie crust.

Mix milk, cream cheese, and pudding in bowl. You can make it as smooth or clumpy as you like. Personally I like little clumps of cream cheese, but some may like it smooth.
After you mix to your liking fold in the cool whip.
Pour in pie crust and put in refrigerator.